Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Kisah Hijrah Dina Almashoor

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Do not click the 'like' button please? I don't write on my fb update status much, but I just thought of sharing a little something...

Since I did my hijrah about three years ago, it has been quite a journey. I slowly learn about the religion I was born into. Each day teaches me something new.

I started off with wearing the head scarf without any hijab. I didn't really have anyone close to me who was wearing hijab. Nobody guided me and told me about hijab. I was struggling with the head scarf, trying to find me a suitable style.

With the grace of Allah, He sent me a couple of people to ask me questions that got me thinking. One asked why I wore skinny jeans with the head scarf, and another asked when was I going to remove my old photos from fb. That was when I started learning about hijab.

One little thing led to another. First hijab, then tawhid, then akhlaq, then seerah, then fiqh, and so on and so forth. It wasn't all that easy. It was confusing at times, but enlightening most of the time. The search for knowledge slowly turned into the 'thirst' for knowledge, subhanAllah.

I could not believe He allowed me to marry someone who would allow me to quit my job. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was His way of taking my hand, to walk me slowly towards goodness, to guide me towards happiness.

And then...... UMRAH happened March last year. My heart melt and it hasn't stopped melting. I kept receiving His Kindness, Love and Mercy, and I am receiving more and more of it today. Since I came back from my umrah, my world gradually change. The things I do, the places I go to, the people I hang around with, the friends I make, the knowledge I gain, the food I eat, and the list goes on...

Amazing what He has 'removed', 'replaced', 'sent' and 'planted' in my heart. I can't describe it. I can only feel it.

Although I have had a few slips and falls along the way, all praise to Allah, He would help me every single time. He has never left my side. Always with me every step of the way :')

Like everyone else in this world, I sin everyday. I make so many mistakes. I say the wrong things. I unintentionally hurt people's feelings. I don't treat my husband like how Khadijah radhiyAllahu anha treated our beloved Prophet sallAllahu alayhi wasallam. I do things that I'm not supposed to. I find it hard to simply forgive. I lack discipline. I don't put my knowledge into action. I forget. I get angry. I get stubborn. I'm being a normal human being. Everyone has their own struggle. We all go through tests. We all want goodness in this life and in the hereafter.

I truly believe that taking a small, baby step towards the pleasure of Allah is what we need to do. That is all. We should die trying. Allah and Jannah are so worth it! Don't you think so? :))

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